Saffron King Business Company Reg No: 75680505
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Saffron King Business is registered in Europe and it is headquartered in Rotterdam Nederlands.
Our brand is registered in Europe as well as in different countries of the world including Afghanistan, Iran, Morocco, Turkey, Dubai and etc…
Our branches and sales representatives are available in different countries around the world providing saffron to you directly.
We are the productor of saffron and we are fucntioning  on the sale and export of saffron.

How much does 1 gram of saffron cost?

Saffron Sale in Saffron King Business Company

Our company’s farmers plant and harvest Saffron Naturally and we offer and provide you these saffron, as well as Afghan saffron, Iranian saffron, Moroccan saffron and Spanish saffron.
Our suppling capacity in 2019 has been from 1 kg to 8,000 kg of saffron. Due to increasing demands and expanding saffron cultivation, we will be able to supply more than 10 tonnes of saffron next year.
Here are three ways we sell saffron in our company;

  • Wholesale
  • Sales through sales branches
  • Selling through store websites
Why saffron is so expensive?

Saffron Exports

Our saffron is exported all over the world by air. We have exported to over 50 countries so far.
Afghan saffron, Iranian saffron, Moroccan saffron and Spanish saffron.
Our shipping team exports all kinds of saffron to anywhere in the world you order.
Contact our company specialists to get your country tariffs and information on the prices of different saffron varieties.

Is Saffron more expensive than gold?

Ideas are beautiful

“Ideas are beautiful, but without implementation they remain ideas”. Saffron King Business is always looking to improve the status quo with new and fresh ideas and is recognized as a company that takes the initiative, is proactive and customer-oriented. In addition, Saffron King Business specializes in this direction and believes in this business because it has the ability to do this.